Appearance: Small to medium insects with shiny wings that form a hard shell, and spiny legs. Broad flat bodies with small heads and long antenna are also characteristic of the cockroach. Size: The American cockroach is about 1.2 inches long. Infestation Locations: The pest species of cockroaches prefer warm dark locations inside buildings. Risks: cockroaches leave chemical trails in their feces that’s attractive to harmful bacteria. It should also be noted that cockroaches passively carry pathogens on their bodies. As they crawl the harmful pathogens contaminate the surfaces they touch. About The pest species of cockroaches like the American cockroach have adapted to live with and off of their human hosts. These pests prefer to live in warm dark locations inside buildings. According to an experiment that involved the use of robots ( Lemonick, Michael D. (2007-11-15). "Robotic Roaches Do the Trick". Time Magazine.) it seems that cockroaches use just two pieces of information when selecting a place to hide. Those pieces of information are, how dark is it, and how many other roaches are there. Cockroaches have been known to survive without food and water for three months. An odd fact about cockroaches, a cockroach was sent up in an Soviet Union space experiment where she became the first earth creature to produce offspring in space. Control As with most other pests the best defense against cockroaches seems to be prevention. Store food in sealed containers, keeps surfaces clean, use trash cans with tight lids, and seal off entry points with steel wool or copper mesh. For more aggressive treatments or preventive measures please contact DLM pest control. We would be happy to assist in the assassination of these pests.