Appearance: Termites look a lot like little white ants. In fact in Australia they are often called white ants.
Size: Termite size depends on the caste the termite belongs to. The workers are the most common are the smallest. Soldiers are larger and usually red headed the breading pair/ pairs of the colony tend to be the biggest the queen is by far the largest.
Infestation Locations: Termites eat cellulose and live in places where they have access to cellulose. Wood is the most common source of cellulose. Indications of infestation include droppings, shelter tubes, and wood damage. A common source of termite infestation is: unremoved tree stumps. Termites live in and feed on the stump then migrate into nearby structures.
Risks: Damage to unprotected wooden structures. This damage can result in structural instability, and had resulted in billions of dollars in damages annually in the United States.


Termites are one of the few insets that form colonies based on a social caste system. Workers are the most common and as the name implies do the majority of work in the nests. Workers assist the king and queen, feed the soldiers, tend the lava, build the nest, and forage for food.

Soldiers defend the colony from marauding ants or other insects. In case of breach in the walls of the nest the soldiers will often hold the invaders at bay while the workers close the breach behind them. The king and queen will bread for life, and life can be as long as 40+ years.

In the wild termites provide a valuable function, they breakdown fallen timber and return nutrients to the soil, total eradication would have far reaching environmental effects.


Termites can be difficult to locate to control. Wood damage and termite droppings are the most common indicators of damage. One of the best ways to keep infestations at bay is to remove tree stumps and keep fallen wood away from structures. If you believe your structures have been infested with termites or are seeking more aggressive prevention measures please call DLM Pest Control we stand willing to defend your structures and hard earned money from termite onslaught.