Residential Service

Your home is your castle. Your home is a major purchase. Protect it! Protect it from invasive and destructive pests like termites and ants. Keep these invaders from breaching the walls of your home. We have the expertise to keep pests outside and away from your home. If you defenses have been breached we have the capabilities to seek out and destroy these pernicious pests.

Your home is your sanctuary, and refuge it should and must be the place you are the most comfortable. Don’t let pests destroy your peace and wellbeing. Fight back. Keep pests in their place, outside your comfort zone. We have the tools and the technology to rid your sanctuary of unwanted vermin.

Your home is your first line of defense against disease and infections. Don’t let pests track filth and bacteria into your home. Fight back! In this fight, you need a capable ally one who is willing to stand with you and defend your precious home from the serious threat of pests. DLM Pest Control is that ally. We are pest control professionals committed to defending you and your home.