Hotel Pest Control

Having pests in your hotel can be the difference between scathing reviews, or raving reviews from your guests. As a manager of a hotel, you know your reputation is everything people are connected to the internet 24/7 with that much exposure; you can’t risk your hard earned reputation because of a few little bugs. Contact our professional pest control services and a bug problem will be no problem. Then you can get back to the important things like seeing to the comfort of your guests.

Restaurant Pest control

Positive dining experiences enhance the reputation of a restaurant, and nothing ruins that positive experience like a bug sighting. Don’t let pests put your hard work at risk, let our professional pest control experts take control and prevent pests from ever becoming a problem. We use state of the art equipment and treatments that ensure food safety. Leverage our expertise to ensure the safety and quality of your food.

Property Management and Apartment Pest Control

As a property manager, the demands on your time are extensive. Your tenants need constant attention. The last thing you need is to fool around with sub –par pest control, or your phone will be ringing off the hook. If you have a pest control problem in one of your buildings you need results, you need them now, what you need is commercial pest control services. Our commercial pest control experts deliver the expected results. Let your pest problem become our problem and soon you will have no pest problem.

School and University Pest Control

As a school administrator, your primary responsibility is to ensure a quality education is provided to your students. The last thing you need is to have your students distracted by an onslaught of pests. What you need is a commercial pest control company with a focus on preventive treatments. These preventive treatments will allow you to cast your worries aside when it comes to pest control allowing you to focus on teaching.

Industrial Pest Control

Manufacturing plants and warehouses are no place for pests of any kind. As manager, you don’t have time to deal with the hassle of pests. You need to pest taken care in a quick and efficient manner, and you need to document the expenses in a clear way. At DLM Pest control we understand and respect these needs. Our efficient treatments will effectively remove and prevent pest infestations.

New Construction Pest Control

You and your crew work hard to build: homes, workspaces, retail centers, and communities. The last thing you need is to have some inspector stop your hard work because of termites or other bugs. Don’t let this happen to you. Partner with professionals, professionals who will provide the preventative treatments you need to keep your jobsites free from pests.

Health Care and Hospital Pest Control

With zero tolerance towards bacteria carrying pests, it is imperative that hospital administrators can partner with a commercial service that provides safe and effective preventive treatments to prevent an outbreak of pests from occurring in your facility. Leverage our expertise and allow us to provide the required treatments that will prevent pests from infesting your facility.